Top Dishes to Try in Turkey

 Doner Kebab

Top Dishes to Try in Turkey: Doner Kebab

The Doner Kebab is one of the most “internationally renowned” dishes you can find in Turkey, almost everybody has tasted this burrito style dish. The origin of this dish started in Bursa and dishes like the Middle Eastern Shwarma, Mexican Tacos Al Pastor and the greek dish Gyros were all derived from the doner kebab which was introduced to these countries in the 19th century!  the dish is traditionally made by using cutting thinly sliced pieces of lamb, chicken or beef off a large rotating verticle spit topping are added like tomatoes and shredded lettuce topped with sauce which is then wrapped with durum (Flatbread based wrap) and eaten! If you’re visiting Turkey for the first time make sure you don’t miss your chance to try a “real” Doner Kebab!


Top Dishes to Try in Turkey: Kofte

Kofte is a mouthwatering dish with similarities to the Italian meatball although shapes may vary depending on how it is cooked. traditionally made using grounded lamb meat mixed with onions and spices which is then wrapped around a skewer and cooked on a grill or rolled into a ball and baked to perfection. Kofte is usually eaten with rice pilaf or eaten with pita bread. According to research done in 2005, there are 291 different kinds of Kofte found in Turkey, are you ready to take on the challenge of trying as many as you can on your next visit to Turkey

Dolma (Stuffed Vegetables)

Top Dishes to Try in Turkey: Dolma (Stuffed Vegetables)

A Dish that has been part of middle eastern cuisine for centuries, Dolma is basically a stuffed vegetable dish that uses a variety of vegetables that are suitable for stuffing. Vegetables like capsicum, eggplants and vine leaf with meat, rice or cheese. The origins of this mouthwatering dish are unknown, the Persian variant of this dish can be traced to the 17th century! 

Lahmajoun (Turkish Pizza)

Top Dishes to Try in Turkey: Lahmajoun (Turkish Pizza)

Another dish that is prominent in Turkey is Lahmajoun or otherwise known as The “Turkish Pizza” is made using flatbread as a base and topping it with your favourite vegetables, meat and spices before being baked in the oven, Lahmajoun traditionally does not contain cheese and focuses on a mixture of spices to create mouthwatering flavours, this separates the lahmajoun from its European cousin the Pizza!

Su Boregi (pastry stuffed with cheese and spinach)

Top Dishes to Try in Turkey: Su Boregi (pastry stuffed with cheese and spinach)

Su Boregi is believed to be one of Turkeys most significant and ancient dishes, Recipes for this dish has been recorded since 160bc by Cato the Elder. Su Boregi is made like lasagna, layers of pastry sheet placed with feta cheese and spinach separating the layers. an alternative version of this is to replace the cheese with meat and tomato sauce this version is basically like a drier version on a lasagna! if you like savoury pastry styled dishes don’t miss your opportunity to try this dish on your visit to Turkey!


Top Dishes to Try in Turkey: Gozleme

If you’re constantly on-the-go whilst travelling through Turkey, get your hands on these savoury goodies! Gozleme is a “fast food” dish originating from Turkey which has many similarities to crepe. topping and ingredients vary depending on which region you visit whilst in Turkey but traditionally it is filled with meat and vegetables of your liking. One thing that doesn’t change however is the dought that is used to create Gozleme, the dough that is used is unleavened and uses exclusively flour, water and salt. 


Top Dishes to Try in Turkey: Baklava

Found Virtually everywhere in Turkey is another world-famous dessert known as Baklava if you haven’t given it a try make sure you put this on the top of your things to try list! baklava is typically made by baking layers of pastry and filling it with finely chopped nuts and syrup. one mouthful of these sweet treats will leave you searching for more!

 Balik Ekmek

Top Dishes to Try in Turkey: Balik Ekmek

considered as Istanbul’s most iconic dish, The Balik Ekmek is a grilled fish sandwich type dish that you can grab on-the-move. The history of Balik Ekmek is an interesting one as it has been served to hungry istanbulites on the waterfront of Istanbul since the 19th century. Fishermen during that era will set up a grill on their boat and sell it especially when they have caught plenty of fishes that day, this “tradition” has survived till today!

 Lokum (Turkish Delights)

Top Dishes to Try in Turkey: Lokum(Turkish Delight)

As the name suggests, A bite of these sweet desserts will leave you with a grin of absolute delight!  whilst origins for this dish is unknown, it is known to have been produced since the 17th century! Turkish Delights is made by using a base of starch sugar and gel to make a gelatin-like treat that is considerably firmer than jelly. Turkish Delights come in an assortment of flavours and colours, the most popular one that is enjoyed globally is the rosewater flavoured ones which are ruby red in colour! 

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