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Al Ain is the Garden city of United Arab Emirates. This oasis town is located next to, and virtually merged with, the Omani town of Buraimi.

Al Ain has several site that would be of interest to tourists. One of them is Jebel Hafeet. Jebel Hafeet is the second tallest mountain in the United Arab Emirates (1350 m). It is surrounded by flat plains on three sides, which afford spectacular views, especially at sunset. The road to the top winds around hairpin turns for 12 km. There are three rest points for viewing, and then at the very top is a large parking area with a cafeteria and 360 degree view of the entire area.

Al Ain Fort is located on Al Ain Street (or "Main Street" as the locals call it), this fort was built to protect the oasis from raiders. It was used as the headquarters for Sheikh Zayed when he was the ruler of the Eastern Region of Abu Dhabi, prior to his ascending to Sheikh of Abu Dhabi itself. The Al Ain Museum recreates the way people of the region lived before the founding of the UAE.

Al Ain Oasis is the biggest of several oases in region, the oasis is made up of thousands of date palms. The oasis is located between the main souq area downtown and Al Ain street. Narrow roads run through the oasis, so you can drive through it, or you can walk. Walking in the oasis is especially nice when the sun is not directly overhead, as the palm trees offer cooling shade. There is also a large zoo and safari park in Al Ain that is quite popular with visiting tourists.

Al Ain has three shopping malls. Close to the town centre, Al Ain Mall is the largest mall in Al Ain. It contains an ice-skating rink and children's play areas as well as a cinema showing new releases. Al Ain also has various shopping areas in the Town Centre Area (Main Street, Khalifa Street, and Oud At Touba Street) where vendors sell everything from cheaply-made toys and souvenirs to spices, Arabian incense and gold.


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