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Al-Khobar is a city in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The newest of the Dammam-Dhahran-Khobar trio, Khobar is generally considered the most pleasant of the bunch, thanks to its seaside location and beachside Corniche. Besides, Khobar is most organised and has the best pedestrian friendly walk ways.

The coast south of Khobar along "Half-Moon Bay" has numerous beaches. Many of these have shaded sitting areas, trash cans and showers. Closer to town most of the beaches are family only, but approximately 40 km south there are a number which are open to singles. Camping and campfires are permitted (or at least tolerated). The water throughout this area is incredibly shallow and warm and there is little to no tide or wave action. That said, most of the beaches have decent sand, are large enough to get away from the crowds and are relatively clean.

The Rashid Mall and Mall of Dhahran are Khobar's 2 biggest malls and are comparable to those found in western countries. Both offer many stores you would find there, and both offer large food halls with well-known outlets as well as Middle Eastern versions and specialists. For those with families, both of these malls have amusement parks. when visiting these malls it is important to watch out for women and family only areas.

The downtown area, especially near the waterfront, is highly-developed and gentrified, with many name-brand and Western eateries, coffee-shops and retailers. It is a bustling area with magnificent local food and good buys on merchandise. One of the most traditional meals here is Chiken Shawaya with Rice which is basically chicken and rice - which is also a popular combination worldwide.


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