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Dunedin is a regional centre and the second-largest city on the South Island of New Zealand, located in the Otago region. Dunedin is a university town, a cultural hub, and a city with a strong historic streak. It is a small city with a compact walkable city centre surrounded by hilly suburbs. It has easy access to beaches, wildlife attractions and areas of native forest. Known as the Edinburgh of the South, it has a proud Scots heritage. It has as its heart a statue of the poet Robbie Burns and many of its streets carry the same name as streets in Edinburgh.

Dunedin Railway Station. Described as "the outstanding monument of Edwardian architecture in New Zealand", this is the best-known building in Dunedin. Opened in 1906, it has an atmosphere and character unique to any public building in New Zealand. According to the Guinness Book of Records Baldwin Street is the steepest street in the world. Take the ten minute walk to the top or drive up to enjoy the view looking down.

In the city centre has an octagonal shape instead of the standard square and features a statue of Scottish poet Robert Burns. This statue was unveiled in 1887 and was recently restored. It was cast by sculptor Sir John Steell of Edinburgh, Scotland, who made four other, nearly identical, statues, one of which stands in Central Park, New York. Several significant buildings are adjacent to the Octagon, including the Public Art Gallery, St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral, the Town Hall and the Regent Theatre. Most Dunedin shopping is on George Street north of the Octagon, centred around the Meridian/Golden Centre/Wall Street mall complex. There are also a number of souvenir shops near the octagon.

The Royal Albatross colony, at Taiaroa Head is the only mainland albatross nesting site in the world. It is an hour's drive along the western coast of Otago Peninsula on a road that skirts the water for most of its length without any guardrail. Albatrosses may be seen during the summer months, as well as other wildlife at all times of the year.

One Dunedin favourite is the cheese roll - a mixture of grated cheese, onion and soup mix in a toasted rolled slice of bread, a speciality of the southern part of the South Island, available in cafes.


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