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Phan Thiet city is the capital of Bình Thuan province, in southeastern Vietnam, where all government offices for the province are located. Phan Thiet is a coastal city which is famous for its tourism district Mui Ne and its seafood as well as sea products such as fish sauce. Phan Thiet is also known as the land of dragon fruits which are exported to China, Europe, Japan, and United States of America.

Posanu Cham Tower, once the hallmark of the prosperous Champa Kingdom, which thrived in this region from around the 7th century to 1832, Poshanu Cham Towers are perched on a hilltop with views of Phan Thiet and the distant coastline. Ta Kou Mountain which rises to an elevation of 694 m is another tourist attraction. Visitors may hike up the mountain for free or take the cable car through a beautiful tropical rainforest to the pagoda at the top. The focal point of the mountain is the spectacular statue of a reclining Buddha entering a state of Paranirvana, the final nirvana of enlightened beings. Built in 1963, the statue is 11 metres high and extends for 49 metres. The statue is located in the Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda.

The A1 highway just west of Phan Thiet is lined with dragon fruit vendors. Initially the fruit was grown for ancestral offerings and décor, but entrepreneurial Vietnamese recognised its economic potential and now farms cover thousands of hectares 30 kms from Phan Thiet. Originally a seasonal fruit, farmers have taken to shining lights on the fruit at night to create year long harvests. Phan Thiet has some excellent seafood restaurants off its seafront promenade, including Song Bien.


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