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Phú Quoc is a large tropical Vietnamese island off the coast of Cambodia. It is a mountainous and densely forested island. Phú Quoc is ringed with some of most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, and offers the best seafood in the country. It is home to the best fish sauce (nuoc mam) in the world, and is also reputed to produce high quality pepper and fantastic seafood.

The prettiest beach on the island is Sao Beach at the southeast corner of the island, a couple of kilometres north of An Thoi, with a restaurant/cafe and beach lounging. A couple of kilometers east of Duong Dong there is a path through the forest to the Suoi Tranh Waterfalls. This is a major attraction when it has been raining. There is barely any water during the dry season from Nov-Apr, but the rock exposed by the river is interesting, and you can hear the sounds of the forest. You can plunge into the pool under the 2 m waterfall at the end of the path.

Phu Quoc offers diving in two separate locations. Up north on the west side of the island or south at the An Thoi Islands. Up north there are three main diving locations with all of them at a maximum depth of 10 m. They are especially great for beginners. Sites are surrounded by corals and funky rock formations which provide shelter to a variety of fish and species of nudibranch. Down south there are up to 20 different dive sites around a group of 13 islands with depths ranging from 10-40 m. The majority of the islands are surrounded by coral and are slowly being converted to marine protected areas, thus giving you a slightly better chance of seeing more and bigger fish and lots of nudibranchs.

Later, try wandering around the Night Market at Duong Dong where locals mingle with tourists, a place that offers a selection of goods, pearls, seafood, and a playground for children. There are many options for food at the market, with fresh seafood laid out next to each restaurant for you to check out while you're making your choice of place to sit and eat.


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