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Semarang is the capital of Central Java in Indonesia. The city's name derives from the Javanese words "asem" and "arang", which literally translate to "scarce tamarind."

Semarang, the provincial capital, lies in the north-eastern part of Central Java along the coast. More an administrative and business town, rather than tourism destination, it nevertheless has its own charm. With contrasting modern mid-rises, a significant set of Dutch colonial architecture, Chinatown, and small "kampong", all jutting against each other.

The beautiful Sam Poo Kong temple (Gedung Batu) was built to honour the Muslim Chinese admiral named Cheng Ho of the Ming Dynasty who visited Semarang in the early 15th century. It was extensively renovated in 2006 to celebrate the 600th anniversary of Cheng Ho's voyage to Semarang. In the entry area there are a couple of stores that sell Chinese art and objects, including giant candles and, of course, there's a place to eat. This temple complex is one of the major temples for certain Chinese religions, notably Kong Hu Chu (Confucianism), and is replete with a long stone mural depicting major events of Cheng Ho's time here, as well as several different temples, each with its own specific style and architecture.

Northern Semarang has a lot of old Dutch colonial buildings. This was where the old walled city was located. The wall is no longer there, but many of the old buildings remain, especially in the area called Kota Lama (The Old Town or Oudstadt). On certain months, this part of Semarang is flooded by the rising tide (called "rob" in Javanese).

Dug Der Festival is an annual festival, one week before fasting month. The name is derived from the sound of bedug ("Dug" - the sound of a gigantic drum often associated with Islam), and meriam bambu ("Der" - the sound of the traditional bamboo cannon). At the end of the festival, there's "Ngarak Warak", meaning procession to bring Warak across the city's main street (normally from the Mayor's office to the Johar Market). The Warak is a mythology animal, part giraffe, part lion, part Chinese dragon, part horse and part bird. It's the icon of the festival.

Semarang has very good landscape and some say the best landscape thanks to its coastal area in the northern part of the city, with Tanjung Mas as its international harbour and hilly area in the southern part stretching from Candi Sari area to Bukit Sari with the picturesque Mount Ungaran in the background. Unlike some other large cities in Indonesia, there are still a fair number of green areas and tree-lined streets.

Before you get into the hilly area named Bukit Sari, you will see on your left Taman Tabanas Gombel where you can stop by, drink tea and see Semarang from the hill. It's a really beautiful view in the daytime and a very special romantic view during the nighttime.

Mount Ungaran, with its tea and jasmine plantations, Bandungan village with its Gedungsongo (9 Shrines) Park and traditional fruits and vegetables market, Gua Kreo (Kreo Cave) with its interesting stalactite and stalagmite formations and, of course, the marina at Tanjung Mas are some alternatives for those who have more than 2 free days in Semarang.

Water Blaster offers a variety of water activities for adults and children, and its own food and beverage stands. Enter through Graha Candi Golf Real Estate, proceed towards the interior of the complex with its dazzling hills view and quite an exotic feel of high breeze.


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