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Stuttgart is the capital of the Bundesland of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Stuttgart is known as a centre of mechanical and automobile engineering with the headquarters of the world famous Bosch, Mercedes and Porsche within its metropolitan area. That said, it does not resemble most other industry hubs, as it is a rather sparse city spread over many hills and valleys, with forests, parks and even vineyards within the city.

The Schlossplatz is the largest square in Stuttgart, right in the middle of the Mitte in front of the Neues Schloss. Originally created as parade grounds for the palace, it is now a public green area with lawns, flowerbeds, twin fountains and a decorative bandstand. It immediately adjoins the Koenigstrasse, and a number of key buildings can be accessed immediately from it.

The arguably most recognizable symbol of Stuttgart, the Neues Schloss was constructed between 1746 and 1807 when the Duke of Württemberg, Carl Eugen, found both the Altes Schloss and the erstwhile ducal residence in Ludwigsburg insufficiently stately. The palace became a state museum in 1918 when the last King of Württemberg abdicated, and was almost completely destroyed in World War II, only being rebuilt in 1958-1964.

The main shopping street in Stuttgart is the Königstraße which starts at the main railway station. Left and right of Königstraße are interesting shops, too, but Königstraße is a good startpoint for navigation in the inner city.

There are restaurants all over Stuttgart. The traditional swabian cuisine is "Spätzle" which means "little sparrows". It is a kind of soft egg noodle or dumpling. Spätzle typically accompany meat dishes prepared with an abundant sauce or gravy, such as Zwiebelrostbraten, Sauerbraten or Rouladen.


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