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Hangzhou is in Zhejiang Province, China. It is one of the most important tourist cities in China, famous for its natural beauty and historical and cultural heritage.

The West Lake is Hangzhou's most famous scenic sight. It has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2011. Technically, there are 10 Scenes of the West Lake and 10 New Scenes. The "West Lake" itself can be divided into countless smaller sites, from Mr. Guo's villa to "Orioles Singing in the Willows".

Ten sites of West Lake are the most famous sites in Hangzhou, where thousands of the visitors traipse round dutifully every year. Sudichunxiao, the first of the ten sites of West Lake, it is a revenue which across the West Lake from the south of West Lake and the north of West Lake. Quyuanfenghe, it lacated at the west of West Lake, just in front of the Yuemiao,in it there are a lot of shops. Pinghuqiouyue, it just look like a picture and the city is in the piture and the people are in the picture, everyone who have been there will plaud there. Duanqiaocanxue, its name comes from the snow, when there is snowing, the hole of the bridge just like the bridge is broken. Also, there was a famous story happen at the Duanqiaocanxue which is Baishezhuan. Liulangwenying, a large park at Qingbomen, when we step into the Liulangwenying, we can hear the sound of the bird, this is why it is called Liulangwenying. Huagangguanyu, its famous points are fishes, flowers and harbors. Leifengxizhao, when there was at night, the Leifeng Tower will have a light. Shuangfengchayun, the combination of the north highest mountain and the south highest mountain which are really high even like can across the clouds. Nanpingwanzhong, is the handleless cup in a temple on a mountain, we can easily hear the sound of the bell at night. Santayingyue, the biggest island of the whole west lake and there is really beautiful and everyone like to go there.

The Broken Bridge is the most elegant and romantic site in Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area. The classic view of West Lake seen from the Broken Bridge is quite fascinating, and the legend of Lady White Snake also brings this ancient bridge much more charm of culture and history. Lesser Yingzhou Isle or Three Pools Mirroring the Moon is another beautiful attraction in the West Lake. Built in the early 1600s, this is the largest island on the lake. When there is a full moon, candles inside the pagodas are lit, and in the candlelight it appears as though you see the moonlight.

The Night Market is located off Yan'an Road near Pinghai Road and opens every night. Here you can find Mao memorabilia, jewelry, paper fans, pipes, luggage, handicrafts and other items that most Chinese cities have. Pirated DVDs and counterfeit handbags are for sale as well. You can also find a lot of those silk-screen printed paintings/embroidery things that the silk market also has.

Hangzhou is one of the premier places to eat in China, and its local cuisine features dishes that consist more of pork and seafood rather than the beef and lamb, as those typically found in the north and west regions of China. Typical Hangzhou specialties include dongpo rou, an extremely fatty chunk of pork in a syrupy sauce, and cuyu, which is fish with a vinegar sauce.


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