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Los Angeles rules the west coast of the United States and cornered by mountains and the expansive Pacific Ocean. It's enormously popular, not only as a place to visit but also to outright relocate, a fact that makes this one of the most diverse and optimistic cities on the continent.

It's hard not to have good spirits in a city like this. It's rarely cloudy. The beach is long and unbroken and the restaurants are hip and innovative. Immigrant communities in Los Angeles are so formidable that they've given birth to entire towns. So an authentic cultural experience is always around the corner in places like Chinatown or Korea Town. There are hotels near Los Angeles to suit budget travelers and international celebrities, alike. Of course, the celebrities themselves make Los Angeles a seductive place to live in. Spotting movie stars, musicians and politicians is a part of life for locals and visitors are just as likely to run across the world's wealthy and elite, especially in communities like Malibu.

Los Angeles has the second-biggest metropolitan area in the US. A relatively compact collection of highrises crests the city center, where a few hotels are found. Contrary to what visitors expect, the best entertainment and accommodation in Los Angeles is located is in the surrounding districts, especially in places like Korea Town and West Hollywood.

Los Angeles International Airport or LAX is an integral transport hub for travelers coming to the US from Asia, as well as for Americans moving in the opposite direction. The LAX area is surprisingly inviting, home to upscale communities like Manhattan Beach.


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