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Seoul is the capital of South Korea. A fascinating blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge digital technology, home to endless street food vendors and vast nightlife districts, an extraordinarily high-pressure educational system and serene Buddhist temples, a trendsetting youth culture and often crushing conformism, extraordinary architecture and endless monotonous rows of grey apartment buildings, Seoul is a city filled with stark contrasts. Most visitors arrive via Incheon International Airport located on Yeongjong Island in the neighboring city of Incheon.

Immediately to the southwest of the City Hall is Myeongdong, an large upscale shopping district that gets extremely busy at night and on weekends and one of the top ten most expensive shopping districts in the world by rent. To the south of the City Hall is Namdaemun Market, another large shopping district that is decidedly cheaper than neighboring Myeongdong. Finally, the eastern part holds Dongdaemun, an enormous fashion district with dozens of clothing malls, complexes, wholesalers, and department stores. Gangnam is the glitzy center of modern Seoul, home to hundreds of glass and steel skyscrapers, neon billboards, and some of the most expensive real estate in the country.

As the ancient seat of Korea's royalty, there are no fewer than five major palaces in Seoul and some are definitely worth a visit. Gyeongbok-gung is Seoul's grandest Joseon Dynasty-era palace and the seat of power for centuries before it was razed in 1592 by a Japanese invasion.

N Seoul Tower was once the tallest tower in Asia, it has the best panoramic view in all of Seoul. Many Seoulites and visitors have visited the tower to catch a glimpse of the city’s landscape while enjoying the nature of Namsan Mountain and a host of other attractive facilities. Owing to the tower's unique structure, the observatory section boasts spectacular views of the changing foliage throughout all seasons.

Lotte World is One of the world's largest indoor amusement parks that is located in Seoul by the Jamsil Station. It has a folk museum where one can have an insight into ancient Korean life. Another theme park in Seoul is Everland, the Korean version of Disneyland.

COEX is very large mall located in Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu. A variety of stores and attractions can be found in the COEX including the COEX Aquarium, a large Western-style luxury cinema, a traditional video game arcade and a PC Lounge. There are also shopping options in COEX and include mens and womens clothing, jewellery, sportswear, souvenirs, shoes and electronics. As far as food options, there is a large food court serving several types of contemporary and traditional food cafeteria-style, and western chains such as TGI Friday's, as well as restaurants and cafes located all throughout the interior and exterior of the COEX.

Namdaemun is the largest traditional street market in Korea. This market is located in the center of Seoul and is a famous shopping location for tourists. Clothing for children and accessories are the most-commonly sold goods in this market, but there's lots of food as well and many outdoor eating options, especially in the evening.


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