1. Book a New Reservation


  • Click on any HotelSurfs logo at the top of any pages of this site.
  • Enter the following information:- City, Country or Hotel
  • Check-in date
  • Checkout date or select the number of nights from the night drop box.
  • Click “SURF”
  • The Hotel Search Results page will appear.
  • Select the hotel you want to book and click on “SELECT”
  • The “Hotel and room details” page will appear.
    1. Review room rate
    2. Check hotel details
    3. Review hotel policies
    4. Click “BOOK NOW”
  • “Your payment details” page will appear:-
    1. Check booking details and room rates including taxes.
    2. Fill-in your payment details.
    3. Once you are satisfied with all the details, check the booking agreement box and click “Confirm Booking” to finalize your booking.

Your request will immediately be sent to the hotel’s reservation system. Once the hotel confirms your request, a confirmation number will be assigned. HotelSurfs will send you an email confirmation with all your hotel reservation information. You may also view the details of your reservation in myBookings at any time.

As a first-time user, you will be prompted to fill-in your details before finalizing your booking. This information will be used to automatically create a myAccount for the user to view and manage bookings. Your automatic system-generated password will be sent to your provided email address.

HotelSurfs displays all available hotels and will be instantly confirmed after your guarantee payment has been processed. You will receive your booking confirmation via email.

The information of the location is listed alongside of your selected hotel. It can help to identify the distance of the hotel from the airport or the hotel’s proximity to the popular landmarks.

HotelSurfs.com features maps which can be used to locate your selected hotel which should be used for guidance only.

The address of the hotel is displayed on the hotel selection page of the HotelSurfs website. Direct contact details are provided in your confirmation email.

Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to book a room or stay in a room without an adult present.

Children under 2 years of age can usually stay in a room free of charge using the existing bedding. You are suggested to bring your own cot, or contact the hotel directly to organize this.

Remark: Most hotels charge a small fee per night for the use of a cot.

It is recommended that you contact the hotel directly for these requirements as HotelSurfs cannot guarantee such requests and what fees will apply as each Hotel has a unique children’s policy.

If you have children between the age of 3 and 18 years, you will be required to book a room that has enough bedding for them and includes them in your search.

In most cases, parking is not included in the room rate, unless specified otherwise. An additional charge may apply for car parking. You may want to call the hotel directly with your request. The hotel contact details can be found on your confirmation email.

The images contained on HotelSurfs.com will display a small selection of the many types of rooms available for that hotel. The room you book may not always match the image provided on HotelSurfs.com.

Inclusions of Room

Both mean the same thing, that is your room does not contain exclusive bathroom facilities but rather those facilities are shared with other guests.

No. If breakfast is included it will be specified in the room description or in the Hot Deal if applicable.

If there are inclusions these will be detailed in your confirmation email. You can also go to “My Bookings” on HotelSurfs.com to view your current booking.

Unless specified otherwise, airport transfers are not included in the room rate.

We do not offer travel insurance. However, HotelSurfs encourages you to purchase this if the cancellation policy applicable to your hotel booking is strict.

Generally, breakfast is not included unless stated otherwise on the booking page and set out in your confirmation email. You can also go to “My Bookings” on HotelSurfs.com to view your current booking.


Absolutely yes, your credit card details are protected through the use of strong and advanced encryption technology.

Yes. HotelSurfs.com only accepts credit card guarantee payment online via its secure payment gateway which can be processed only after creating your account where your personal details are to be entered.

Remarks: HotelSurfs does not and will not, at any time, request your credit card information, your User ID or your login password in a non-secure or unsolicited email or in a telephone communication.

Identity theft and the practice currently known as “phishing” are of great concern to HotelSurfs.com. Safeguarding information to help protecting you from an identity theft is the highest priority of HotelSurfs.

Contact your bank directly to find out why it failed to authorize the credit card. (For example, you may have reached your credit limit). Once your bank validates the card, you will be able to complete your reservation. Alternatively, you may use another card to complete your reservation.

A Billing Information profile is where you can store the details of credit and/or debit cards.

Access the “My Account” section of HotelSurfs.com. If you are not already logged in as a member, you will be asked to log-in.

All information in your billing information profile is protected against unauthorized access with state-of-the-art technology.

The credit card billing address you provided could not be verified. Please re-enter the address or select a new card. Please note that some debit cards will not work for online bookings.


No. All hotel reservations made with HotelSurfs are recognized only when completed and guaranteed with a major credit card.

HotelSurfs understands that unexpected circumstances may affect your arrival or otherwise prevent you from arriving at your booked hotel on time for check-in.

If this happens, HotelSurfs will only charge you a small cancellation or amendment fee. However, if the hotel is charging a fee to change or cancel your booking, we are required to pass this on to you.

Similarly, if the hotel is willing to waive any cancellation or amendment fee, then we will do the same with you.

The Customer Service team is available 24 hours a day to assist you. Please click here to contact the Customer Service team.

What HotelSurfs sends you:

Upon confirming a new reservation request, HotelSurfs will send you a confirmation email that includes itinerary information.

What’s Available Online:

Your itinerary details always are available in “My Bookings”. If you request any changes to your reservations you will be able to view the updated itinerary details here. HotelSurfs recommends you check your itinerary in “My Bookings” periodically before your trip.

Rates and Availability

HotelSurfs.com displays rates as either tax inclusive or exclusive. This will be shown along the booking path.

If your selected hotel is tax exclusive, the full amount including taxes will be displayed on the payment page. In some instances, you may be required to pay additional local, tourist or other taxes upon check-in or Check out from your hotel that the hotel collects directly. Where we are aware of these, they will be displayed on the payment page.

Unless otherwise specified, all rates are per room per night.

If there are inclusions these will be detailed in your confirmation email. You can also go to “My Bookings” on HotelSurfs.com to view your current booking.

This message may appear when hotel room availability changes. When you submit your reservation request, HotelSurfs double checks the hotel’s reservation system to update availability. Occasionally, the hotel may no longer have rooms for the dates you have selected. Should this occur, return the hotel list and choose another hotel or select different dates.

2. Current Bookings

Booking Confirmation

If you wish to print your confirmation, you can do this in “My Bookings”.

Once your booking is complete we will send an email to the address entered during checkout to confirm your booking. It may take up to 30 minutes to receive the email confirmation.

In the event that you do not receive an email confirmation, one of the following situations may be occurring:

  1. Email was filtered as “spam” or “junk” – Depending on your email provider, your confirmation email may have been filtered and labelled as “spam” or “junk”. Make sure to set your spam filters to accept emails from HotelSurfs.
  2. Incorrect email address in your “My Account” – Log into your account and verify the email address listed in your “My Account”.

To get a new copy of your itinerary, go to “My Bookings”, select your trip, and click on the itinerary and send via email.

If you are still having trouble getting your email confirmation, please contact Customer Support team.

Your booking will be confirmed instantly upon submitting your valid credit card details via our online payment form and your credit card being processed. You will receive your confirmation email immediately after your booking has been finalized.

All HotelSurfs bookings can be instantly confirmed. When your booking was made at a short notice, say within a few hours from your check-in date, the hotel may not have received your booking in time. Our Customer Service team can assist if the hotel has advised they are not holding a room for you.

Some hotels will simply hold your room as confirmed, but do not require guest names from us until a couple of days to your check-in date.

Change Booking

All changes to dates or room type will be treated as cancellation.

This should be handled directly between you and the hotel at the time of check-in. Please be sure to check their policies while you are browsing on HotelSurfs.com, as there may be extra costs involved.

3. Preparing Your Journey

Special Requests

HotelSurfs understands that your travel plans may mean an early arrival to, or a late departure from your destination. Hotels will usually do everything possible to assist you with your request, but this can be guaranteed only by the hotel on the day of your check-in or checkout.

The standard check-in time is between 12:00 PM noon and 03:00 PM and the standard Checkout time is between 10:00 AM and 12:00PM noon. This may be displayed on your confirmation email.

If you wish to guarantee an early check-in or a late Checkout, an additional night will need to be purchased.

Special requests such as bedding configuration and rooms with a view are not guaranteed. It is strongly recommended that you submit these requests to the hotel directly a couple of days to checking in or upon your check-in at the hotel, for a better chance of confirmation.

HotelSurfs can only transfer these requests to the hotel as specified in your booking, and cannot follow-up to guarantee them.